Dr.Aravinda J

MD,MRCP(London),Triple FRCP(Edinburgh, London, Glasgow)

Chairman and the Chief Diabetologist,He is the mastermind behind this dedicated diabetes centre.Having got prestigious United kingdom ‘MRCP’ degree and having worked in various Diabetes Hospitals in UK,he had the vision of establishing similar Diabetes Centre in India with standard facilities at affordable cost.He is associated with other Diabetologist who covers in his absence,so that Doctors care is available round the clock.

Dr Sumanth Raj


He is Vascular and Foot Surgeon,having worked in Various Hospitals in Germany,he is totally dedicated to foot care of the diabetic patient.’ Foot should always be looked after like face’ ,with his expertise any foot related problems will be resolved.

Other Doctors

on board are Dentist, Cardiologist(Heart specialists), Nephrologist(kidney specialist), Neurologist(Nerve specialist), ENT specialist, Dieticians, Psychiatrist, Dermatologist and Podiatrist.

Any Disease a Diabetic patient come across will be taken care in ADC.

Computerised Laboratory

It is an automated and computerized lab with an incharge Biochemist to take care of patients needs.All the necessary blood and urine tests are done with utmost accuracy.

Foot Clinic

Dedicated Foot clinic is well equipped with specialized instruments to identify minor foot problems.The instruments are sponsored by WORLD DIABETES FOUNDATION(WDF), Denmark in association with ‘JIVAS’ Bangalore. So world class Foot care facility is available in ADC at affordable cost.The instruments will detect any Nerves problems,Blood supply abnormalities at a early stage which will identify Gangrene and prevents amputation.

Tread Mill Test

Diabetes patients are known to get silent heart attacks without any symptoms.All patients with Diabetes more than 5 years should undergo Treadmill Test to detect early heart ailments and later with early treatment to prevent overt heart attacks and save the life of the patient.

2-D Echocardiography,Doppler And Scanning

To detect how the heart is functioning,we have Echocardiography machine,which helps to identify any minor and major abnormalities in heart.To know how your internal organs like Kidney,Liver,Spleen etc are working and also to know any abnormality in blood supply we have scanning and Doppler machine.

X-Ray Machine

Any abnormalities in Lungs, Bones like Osteoporosis, Fractures, Cancer etc can be detected with this machine.

Staff And Ambience

With sufficient parking space and with more than 2,000 sq.feet space to sit around,you feel relaxed,feel at home experience. With friendly,always ready to help staff,sure you will experience the pleasant,warmth,silent environment,a patient needs at ADC


In house pharmacy facility is available.It is always better to show the medicines purchased to Doctor before you leave the centre.This avoids confusion,change of medicines and patient will have correct idea about medicines when to take.