What is a Void Cheque and How Does it Work?

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how to void a cheque

Be aware, however, that voiding a check happens before the check has changed hands or is presented for payment at a bank. These numbers contain your bank’s routing number and your account number, both of which are needed for verification. Note the check in your checkbook or finance software, the founders guide to startup accounting indicating that the check has been voided. Making this indication ensures you can use the check for mobile deposits only. They may also ask you to fill out a direct deposit authorization form. Without a voided check, you may have entered your checking account number incorrectly.

Reasons for Using a Voided Check

There you have it—that’s everything you need to know about how to void a check. Be sure to keep images of your checks somewhere safe, like a locked filing cabinet or an encrypted storage container on your computer. Our goal at MapleMoney is to present readers with reliable financial advice and product choices that will help you achieve your financial goals.

how to void a cheque

How to Void a Check in the U.S.: Everything You Need to Know

Your employer can then deposit your paycheque into your correct account instead of issuing you a paper paycheque. First, your online banking portal may be able to provide you with a void cheque on demand. You may be able to save https://www.quick-bookkeeping.net/ the pre-made void cheque as a PDF and then send that via email to whoever needs your void cheque. Alternatively, you can print the void cheque and provide it to whoever needs it (e.g., your employer to set up a direct deposit).

how to void a cheque

Can I use the same voided check twice?

This verifies your identity with a credit union or bank and ensures the bank account number from which the funds will be withdrawn gets recorded correctly. Employers may not be the only entities you’ll have a direct deposit arrangement with. Direct deposit will be the preferred way for those institutions to make payments and for you to receive them quickly. From employers, to payment services, to government agencies, requests for voided checks are still common. However, keep your own security in mind when sharing banking information. Employer’s use a voided check to ensure accuracy when setting up direct deposit.

You can easily void a paycheck or other payment through QuickBooks or other accounting software. Never give anyone a blank check, especially someone you do not know because it could be used to make a withdrawal on your account. Email isn’t always secure and using email can put your information at risk. This step keeps parties who don’t have the password from viewing the document.

You typically can’t stop payment once they submit the check for cash or deposit it. This way, if you need to provide any other voided checks, you can use the copy instead of wasting another check from your checkbook. The check won’t be usable to the other party if the words are so big that they cover the account details like routing and account numbers. A voided check can be useful for providing the necessary information for certain electronic payments, such as direct debits. Typically, you’ll need to void a check when you need to provide new account verification for setting up a direct deposit or direct withdrawal.

On a voided cheque, you’ll find three key sets of numbers that a company or employer will need to set up direct deposit or pre-authorized payments. Take a blank cheque from your checkbook and write VOID across the front of it. A voided check has the word “VOID” written across it, indicating what’s the difference between salary vs wage employees that it cannot be used for payment. Voiding a check ensures it won’t be used by anyone, such as thieves who may write in a large amount for themselves. Then, it can provide key information like your routing number and account number to be used in electronic transactions.

In some cases, you can use a preprinted deposit slip to verify your banking information. A preprinted deposit slip has the same information as a voided check, including your name, routing number, and account number. A voided check will have all of your bank information printed on it, so it can provide others everything they need to set up a direct deposit payment from your account. This is a fancy name for checks printed on demand for specific purposes at your bank or credit union. Banks typically charge a fee for these checks, which can be anywhere from a few dollars to as much as $25. But, if you normally have no need for paper personal checks, this can be a way to provide a voided one.

  1. Be sure to keep images of your checks somewhere safe, like a locked filing cabinet or an encrypted storage container on your computer.
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  3. Because the purpose of a void cheque is to obtain accurate account information, you can reuse it as it’s not legal tender.

Payment services may also require a voided check when setting up an account. Certain types of transactions might require a voided check to verify your banking information. If you need to provide this info, you’ll often be asked to include your routing number and account number on a form but also to include a copy of a voided check. A voided check is a check that has the word VOID printed on it, whether handwritten or printed. The check cannot be presented for payment but still has information that can be used to verify your account and which bank holds your account. You can request one up until the time the person you wrote the check to presents it.

If there is an option to print a void cheque, you’ll find it in your account details. Alternatively, you can check whether your bank will allow you to print a void cheque directly from your online banking portal. If this is an option, you won’t need to keep physical cheques on you. Don’t cover up the routing or bank account number at the bottom of the check when voiding it. Those numbers are necessary for identifying your bank account to send or receive payments.

Even though fewer consumers make payments by check, voided checks remain important. That’s why it’s good to know how they work, even if you don’t frequently pay by check, so you remain protected when you use them. If you are tired of writing out cheques for regular payments, then you may be able to use a void cheque to set up pre-authorized payments. https://www.quick-bookkeeping.net/absorption-costing-vs-variable-costing-what-s-the/ Setting up automatic payments is a great option for utility bill payments, car payments, or mortgage payments. If you deposit a voided check in an ATM, it may be briefly accepted. But once the error is identified, the cleared funds will then be removed from the recipient’s bank account and returned to the original owner and a fee may be charged.

A pre-printed deposit slip might be required—not the blank ones you grab at the bank and fill out by hand. You may have several of these pre-printed slips in the back of your checkbook. Whatever you do, never sign a voided check or write any additional information in the blank spaces provided. The purpose of a voided check is to provide your bank name, routing number, and personal account number. Depending on your online banking portal, you may be able to print your void cheque online. To check, log into your online banking portal and go to your chequing account.

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